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Also defined at: http://www.nist.gov/dads/HTML/diminishingIncSort.html .

Inherits from In-place sort

An in-place sort algorithm which repeatedly reorders different, small subsets of the input until the entire array is ordered. On each pass it sorts i sets of n/i items, where n is the total number of items to sort. Each set is every ith item, e.g. set 1 is item 1, 1+i, 1+2i, etc., set 2 is item 2, 2+i, etc. Typically each set is sorted with an insertion sort. On each succeeding pass, the increment, i, is reduced until it is 1 for the last pass. [National Institute of Standards and Technology]

Implementations and sample code:
See also diminishing increment sort variants: shell sort
Author: Nikita Ogievetsky, © Cogitech, Inc. 2002