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Cogitative Topic maps Websites (CTW) Framework. Information and tutorial.
    HTML offers excellent ways to deliver browsable information via the Web. A website is a "place" on the World Wide Web made up of one or more Web pages, often associated with a particular subject or theme. Examples of such websites are business and personal websites, online books, stores, communities, news portals, etc.

    As a website grows and turns into a Web portal with deeply interconnected website architecture that provides access to rich content, content with lots of links, images, and other types of objects, its developers are faced with the growing challenges of enforcing link integrity and maintaining the enterprise look-and-feel standards and navigational order. Tasks that once were simple can turn into laborious and convoluted processes as the information resource base of the site expands.

    However, information maintenance can be robust and straightforward. This tutorial shows that using topic maps as the source code or site map of a website offers convenience, power, reliability, and rapid reconfigurability to the maintainers of large, complex websites.

Book Source Code Long Island Sea Creatures Topic Map vocalization with VoiceXML:
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XSLT Cookbook Source Code Tutorial Goals
  • You will learn how to build Topic Map based websites with Cogitative Topic maps Websites XSLT framework.
  • You will be amazed how much one can easily do without having to purchase any commercial software systems.
Tutorial Synopsis
  • Introduction
    1. Introduction into Knowledge Management Technologies.
      • Why we need a standard for knowledge mapping and interchange.
    2. Overview of RDF, DAML-OIL, Topic Maps.
    3. Introduction to RDF and DAML-OIL
    4. Introduction to Topic Maps
    5. Overview of XML Topic Maps syntax
    6. Topic Maps Standard Application Model (SAM) and Reference model (RM).
    7. Topic Maps is a concept. RDF Topic Maps, Tabular Topic Maps, Topic Maps in RDBMS.
    8. Semantic Web Glasses
    9. Introduction to XSLT

  • Building Topic Maps websites
    1. Conceptual layers in Topic Maps
      • Introduction into the notions of Ontology and Taxonomy.
      • Introduction into the notion of Topic Maps Conceptual Layers.
    2. Conceptual layers used in Cogitative Topic map Websites framework.
    3. Designing taxonomy for a sample CTW website.
    4. Once decided upon the ontology layer we will start populating Topic Map with content.
    5. XSLT and Topic Maps.
    6. Exploring XSLT templates.
    7. Querying XML Topic Maps with XSLT and XPath.
    8. Introduction into layered approach of Cogitative Topic Map Websites (CTW) framework.
    9. Using XTM and XSLT for Natural Language generation.

  • Advanced topics
    1. Querying XML Topic Maps with XQuery.
    2. Visualizing Topic Maps with SVG.
    3. Vocalizing Topic Map with VoiceXML.

On-site tutorials at your company location.
  • Please inquire via e-mail or contact us directly about on-site tutorials and consulting services. As hands-on exercises we offer converting metadata pertinent to some of your projects into XML Topic Map syntax and using it as a source code for a sample CTW website. This way you will have a working Cogitative Topic Map Website prototype as the outcome of the class.
Training classes in New York City. Consulting services requests.
  • Please inquire via e-mail or contact us directly about Topic Map related consulting services.
    • Extracting Topic Maps from a set of metadata and data sources, RDBMS systems, documents, etc.
    • Mapping metadata and data sources to Topic Map data model.
    • Building topic map based websites.
    • Integration with commercial Topic Map systems.
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