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XSLT stylesheets for converting ISO 13250 Topic Map documents into XTM 1.0 syntax.
    In the past several years a large number of sample Topic Map documents were donated by Topic Maps vendors to the public domain. The ISO/IEC 13250:2000 standards requires conformance at the architectural form level, which means that there can be several variant DTDs conforming to it. Thus vendors were creating Topic Map documents conformant to derived DTD versions and diverse addressing schemas.
    This (2000) year a significant effort was undertaken by the members of XTM Authoring Group that resulted in the XML Topic Maps 1.0 specification.
    Here you will find publicly available Topic Map documents from several Topic Map vendors. Samples from each vendor are bundled with XSLT transformation scripts that transform vendor specific Topic Maps syntax flavor into the XTM version 1.0 syntax. Transformed XTM documents conformant to the XTM 1.0 specification are also provided.
    XSLT scripts can be freely used by Topic Map users and developers to update their Topic Map documents to the new standard.
    If you change these XSLT scripts, please send a copy to Nikita Ogievetsky.
  • Some original Topic Map documents reference XLink namespace. In order for transformation to work properly XLink namespace must point to
  • If you need XTM 1.0 DTD please download the latest DTD from or get XTM 1.0 DTD 1.12 here
  • XSLTStylesheets were tested with Xalan 1.2 (older versions would not work properly with namespaces in Empolis samples).
  • XTM 1.0 samples were validated with XMetal and Xerces.

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