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David Silverman, Nikita Ogievetsky and Walter Perry invite you to participate in 2010 meeting of New York XML Special Interest Group on Monday, March 8 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
The meeting is hosted by Morgan Stanley at 1585 Broadway, 6th floor.
Michel Biezunski and Steven R. Newcomb, pioneers of the ISO Topic Maps standard, will share their experience applying Topic Map concepts to design and implementation of Tax Map in IRS since 2001.
Please reserve a place for this meeting here, or send an email request to; the space is limited, you will receive a confirmation by return email.
We look forward to a large and enthusiastic group on March 8th.

Global Information Access, Local Information Management:
The Story of IRS Tax Map

Like other large enterprises, the IRS consists of diverse and evolving local cultures, and there is need for globally integrating the information they produce. Tax Map is an application that IRS is using to help their call center employees better answer questions from taxpayers, and to provide the general public with topic-oriented access to IRS's diverse information products.

Tax Map's ease of use is due to its internal sophistication. Tax Map imposes no constraints on existing local production processes, and it contains auditing tools featuring a graph navigation system helping maintainers ensure high product quality.

IRS Tax Map is based on the ISO 13250 Topic Maps standard, which establishes a rhetoric for sharing and integrating information about shared subjects of conversation that may be discussed in diverse ways.

Michel Biezunski and Steve Newcomb created the Topic Maps standard. As part of their consulting practice, they have designed and implemented the production tools for Tax Map since 2001.

  • Why it started
  • Initial Constraints
  • The ISO Topic Maps standard
  • What Tax Map is
  • Relation of Tax Map with the Topic Maps standard
  • Internal Auditing
  • Lessons learned
  • Open Discussion


Michel Biezunski is a consultant in the field of information management based in New York City, working under the name Infoloom. He is assisting his customers by finding innovative ways to leverage complex networks of existing information repositories, and providing ways to interconnect pieces coming from various places. The products are navigational networks customized for various user needs (possibly displaying multiple perspectives). Michel's working experience covers various domains, including the publishing, finance, healthcare, and media industries, and governmental agencies. Michel's focus is in the area of semantic integration, auditable information systems, XML/SGML Applications, navigation models within complex information sets, and hyperlink-based models. He is recognized as the main initiator and co-inventor of the Topic Maps standard (ISO/IEC 13250). He has written many articles and developed and conducted numerous workshops. Michel is now working on innovative solutions for auditability and integration of information systems.

Steve Newcomb spends much of his time on semantic integration activities, often with reference to the ISO "Topic Maps" standard. His clients include government agencies, technology developers, and publishers.
Steve has recently open-sourced his Versavant subject addressing engine. He assists Michel Biezunski in maintaining the production system for IRS Tax Map. He serves as co-editor of the Topic Maps International Standard, ISO 13250. With Patrick Durusau, he is helping to draft ISO 13250-5, the Topic Maps Reference Model.
Steve is also co-chair the Extreme Markup Languages annual conference series in Montreal every August (

Both Michel and Steve are active members in the XML Guild. a consortium of some of the best independent XML consultants in the world. Guild members have extensive experience in XML and markup technologies, are involved in the establishment of standards and best practices, are authors of numerous books, articles and papers, and are well-known presenters and speakers.

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