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Semantic Web through RDF glasses.
    The information represented in a topic map, expressed in one of the XML interchange syntaxes for topic maps, can, at some level of detail, be translated into information that is expressed in one of the XML interchange syntaxes for RDF information. The translated information can then be used in the context of RDF applications that would otherwise not be able to use it.
    XTM2RDF Translator uses XSLT-based technology to dynamically translate any topic map document expressed in the XTM syntax into RDF abbreviated syntax. XTM2RDF allows to seamlessly navigate RDF and XTM documents including traversing between (and inside) documents without ever leaving RDF notation (as if looking onto Semantic Web through RDF glasses). The translation process respects the TMPM4 parsing model for XTM 2.
    XSLT scripts can be freely used by RDF and Topic Maps users and developers to increase XTM awareness between semantic web applications.
    If you change these XSLT scripts, please send a copy to Nikita Ogievetsky.

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