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This web site is generated from a topic map source maintained in the Tabular Topic Map [TTM] format. Topic map web site ontology and visualization patterns are constructed according to Cogitative Topic Map Websites [CTW] framework.
Here is the the source code in XTM format.

You can navigate Cogitech Inc. web site in several dimensions:
  • header menu lists Cogitech public topics of interest including most recent projects
  • entry page lists up to three resources for Cogitech public topics of interest and projects in chronological order
  • traversing via a project’s [more...] link on the root page or via one of the links on the header menu brings you to a project’s page
  • project’s page lists resources created in the scope of that project
  • each resource has a type and a set of keywords/tags associated with it
  • menu on the left lets you navigate our resources in the keyword/tag-space
  • clicking on a keyword associated with a resource or selecting keywords in the Content Filter bar on the left filters resources by their related keywords
  • selecting content type in the Content Filter bar on the left will filter current page content to show only resources of the given type (for example, example demos, open source, presentations, etc.)
  • content filter selection will remain until you change filter selection, reset it, or leave site
The above represents an example of how one would start building a CTW ontology. More information about CTW and TTM is available here: Why tis i
Throughout our consulting practice we were applying these frameworks to serve our clients including Kodak, Walters Kluver, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, etc. We realized that our web site may also benefit from this approach, and serve as the showcase of this technology. In January 2006 our web site became TTM/CTW driven web site.

CTW and TTM are intuitive and easy to use and implement frameworks. Please let us know if you want to learn more about this technology. A tutorial or a pilot might be a good way to get started.

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