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project: XWATL
keywords: XSLT; XML Schemas;

This presentation describes building web applications with XML Web Applications Template Library (XWATL). XWATL is a web content publishing system. It separates the publishing process into four layers:
  • object description and business logic (XML)
  • site map and navigation (XLink)
  • database API (XSLT)
  • layout and formatting (XSLT)
Using these four layers ultimately simplifies and streamlines the entire process. XWATL is OS-independent and can support almost any programming language. Several examples are provided.
The presentation introduces one of the first real-life XLink applications: XML Web Application Template Library.
This template library and the framework it uses demonstrates how XSLT can be used to facilitate the building and maintenance of dynamic web sites using XML templates to control data structures, extended XLinks to serialize sitemaps, and XSLT for controlling screen layouts and the database APIs.
HTML and server-side scripts are generated dynamically at run-time by applying XSLT transformations to the XML templates. Generated scripts are further executed with python:exec(), ECMAScript eval(), etc. methods.

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