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Cogitative Book Builder for Aspen Pension Library [demo] 2003-08-06
(See for an example - it goes across five books, using two types of indexes – BOB & TOC; topics across different books are related with “similar”, “see also”, “contained”, “sub-class”, etc. associations; drag and drop topics to the right side bar and click on “New Aspen Answer Book” link – this is a way to build a customized publication).
Presentation BookBuilder: Content Repurposing with Topic Maps [ppt] [abstract] 2003-08-05
This presentation describes a solution developed at Aspen Publishers which uses Topic Maps technology for multidimensional indexing and classification of content across various products and publications. The topic map approach combines all the indexes, tables of contents, glossaries and referenced materials from all books in the series into a single multidimensional index. Using topic map associations, the entries in one book’s index can be related to other entries, as well as to entries in the other books’ indexes, glossaries, tables of contents and so on, as well as to external referenced materials, such as IRS publications or websites. The topic map graph is used for navigation and, most importantly, content repurposing and building new and customized publications.
Recepie Generating Web Sites from XML Topic Maps [book] [xhtml] in XSLT Cookbook(O'Reilly) Book. 2002-10-01
This recipe (11.4) of XSLT Cookbook explains how to use XSLT in order to visualize and publish knowledge expressed in the Topic Map. It shows how how to apply CTW concepts to generate a browsable web site from the Topic Map source code.
Chapter Creating and Maintaining Enterprise Web Sites with Topic Maps and XSLT [book] [xhtml] in XML Topic Maps Book. 2002-04-02
HTML offers excellent ways to deliver browsable information via the Web. As a web site grows and turns into a web portal, developers are faced with growing challenges of enforcing link integrity and maintaining an enterprise look-and-feel standards and navigational order. Tasks that once were simple can turn into laborious and convoluted processes as the information resource base of the site expands. However, enterprise web site maintenance can be robust and straightforward. This chapter (#9) shows that using Topic Map as the "source code" or "sitemap" of a website offers convenience, power, reliability, and rapid reconfigurability to the maintainers of large, complex websites.
Presentation Building Adaptive Classificators with Topic Maps at XML'2000 Conference. 2000-12-06
This presentation describes application of Topic Maps concepts to building Adaptive Classifiers. Classification expressed in Topic Maps enables to maintain rich multi - hierarchical indexes and establish vertical and horizontal associations on all levels. The demonstration includes image browser able to represent rich taxonomy of professional graphics. Demo application enables browsing faceted taxonomy of Art images. It accommodates different perspectives via add-hock navigation patterns.
CTW Adaptive Classifier for Offsigt Images Library [demo] 2000-10-26
This presentation describes Cogitech's Cogitative Web Sites (CTW) content publishing framework that uses Topic Maps and XSLT. It shows how one can easily integrate two different CTW Web Sites by simply merging their source Topic Maps. Source Topic Map aggregates content from the universe of WWW resources, and, at the same time, dynamically governs website navigation and site map.
  • topics generate web pages
  • occurrence and association types control format and layout of content building blocks
  • scope controls content visibility

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