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Cogitative Topic Map Websites
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Presentation DAML and Quantum Topic Maps at Knowledge Technologies'2002 Conference. 2002-03-15
This presentation describes new approach that result in a more compact Topic Maps representation. Quantum Topic Maps leverage DAML-OIL to enrich Topic Maps expressiveness. In addition, one can use freely available DAML-OIL validators to validate Topic Maps expressed in QTM format. Presentation describes "Quantum" effects in Topic Maps and outlines Quantum Topic Maps Processing Model derived from TMPM4.
This presentation describes XTM to RDF translator (XTM2RDF), which is now available online. It uses XSLT to translate topic map documents expressed in the XTM syntax into RDF. The translation process respects the TMPM4 parsing model for XTM. XTM2RDF supports inner and external traversals in RDF and XTM documents. XTM2RDF Translator XTM-enable RDF applications; on the other end, topic maps community can use RDF graph visualizers to view topic map graphs.

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