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Tabular Topic Maps
Presentation Topic Map Solutions for Kodak Digital Camera Accessories [html] [pdf] at XML Europe 2003 Conference. 2003-05-05
This presentation shows how we used Topic Map based solutions to build, organize and maintain Kodak digital cameras accessories web site. The chosen approach did not require software investment. Excel, available and familiar spreadsheet software, served as an affordable and easy to use Topic Map GUI editor and repository.
>Excel worksheets represent different plains of relationships that are completely independent until the processing begins. An initial set of topic map documents is generated from applicable worksheets and by spidering a corpus of XML content files. Topic maps are merged based on the topic naming constraint or subject merging rule. Finally, XSLT drives generation of JHTML server pages, SVG and SQL scripts from Topic Map source code (CTW framework). We also show how we used Topic Map Ontology schema to calculate the difference between two Topic Map documents. This is also XSLT-driven. The difference topic map controls which web pages should be updated, which lowers server load and improves performance.
Because the framework is Topic Map based it was very easy to satisfy new requirements and add new planes of relationships.
Cogitative Topic Map Websites
Semantic Web Glasses
The presentation introduces one of the first real-life XLink applications: XML Web Application Template Library.
This template library and the framework it uses demonstrates how XSLT can be used to facilitate the building and maintenance of dynamic web sites using XML templates to control data structures, extended XLinks to serialize sitemaps, and XSLT for controlling screen layouts and the database APIs.
HTML and server-side scripts are generated dynamically at run-time by applying XSLT transformations to the XML templates. Generated scripts are further executed with python:exec(), ECMAScript eval(), etc. methods.

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